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EVENT: workshop for invited participants only
DATE: Tuesday 1 October 2019, 9:00 - 11:30 AM
VENUE: PRAGUE, The Police Academy of the Czech Republic

Basic Information

Information systems bring countless advantages for the development of modern society. However, their use is increasingly dependent on modern communication systems. With the advent of new services (Internet of Things, Internet of Battle Things, communication person-person, machine-machine, service-autonomous means, sensor-person, sensor-machine, etc.), data transmission requirements, transmission quality requirements and bandwidth requirements are increasing. This challenge needs to be addressed from two sides. First, it is necessary to provide such IT services that can be developed to the extent and incremental steps to always ensure that they can be adapted to the new requirements, in accordance with the current requirements and of appropriate quality, under the conditions of currently available communication networks and (automatically) adapted to the current conditions of available bandwidth, for example in the event of communication system disruption. Secondly, new means of communication need to be used that are predictably able to meet the demand for higher bandwidths. One technology with the potential to provide added value is mobile telephony, which is based on different standards (currently 4G, in the future 5G). Communication networks according to the 4G standard are already commonly used. 5G-based communications networks will provide significantly larger bandwidths, albeit with lower coverage, while providing significant added value for certain applications.
5G is a software-defined mmWave network with a wide frequency range suitable for Edge Computing and Mesh networks. Originally, bands up to 6 GHz were allocated for 5G. Recently, many countries around the world allocate frequencies at different millimeter wave frequencies, from 2.4 GHz to 28 GHz.
Edge computing is expected to bring a change in the way businesses can use mobile data to massively improve their operations. Edge computing enables companies to direct traffic to applications where they need it and where it is most effective - whether it's in the Cloud, on the edge of a corporate network, or inside an organization. In some IoT applications, it will be useful to have wireless transmission technology suitable not only for connecting a large number of simple, inexpensive devices, but also for connecting them (Mesh networks). Software-defined network.
The first 5G Workshop organized for the security community will focus on the strategies and concepts of modern communication networks - 5G, practical examples and cyber security.
In the following workshops we will discuss 5G technologies, technical and functional parameters of 5G and practical experience, again with respect to cyber security.
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The conference is a part of the European Cyber Security Month

European Cyber Security Month

Workshop Topics

The workshop will focus on the following topics:


The workshop is organized under the auspices of:

AFCEA Czech Technical University in Prague Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic Police Academy of the Czech Republic in Prague

Programme Guarantors

Executive programme guarantor: 


                             Czech Cyber Security Working Group

          Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association 


Workshop topic guarantors:  

Czech Technical University in Prague    AFCEA               

Workshop Auditorium

The workshop focuses primarily on the critical ICT security and ICT community, the public sector, the armed and security forces, the academic community and the private sector collaborating on critical information infrastructure protection projects, with special attention to current cyber security topics. Entities interested in the implementation of 5G technologies will be invited to the workshop, among others representatives of cities and municipalities or industrial businesses. 

Workshop Programme

5G Workshop 1 OCTOBER 2019
PRAGUE, Policejní akademie


09:00  Workshop Opening 

Mr. Petr JIRÁSEK, Chairman, Czech Cyber Security Working Group

09:05 5G Strategies and implementation concepts in the Czech Republic

Mr. Jaroslav HOLOBRADÝ, Head Section, Concepts and Strategies, Department of Electronical Communications, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic

09:20  Czech Digital Agenda and 5G

Mr. Vladimír DZURILLA, Government Commissioner for IT and Digital Agenda

09:35 Current state of 5G implementation in the Czech Republic

Mr. Petr ZEMAN, , Head of Strategy Department, Czech Telecommunication Office

09:50  5G and Cyber Security

Mr. Václav BOROVIČKA, National Cyber and Information Security Agency

10:05 What will be the critical infrastructure of tomorrow?

Mr. Vladimír ROHEL, Security Director, National Agency for Communication and Information Technology

10:20  Practical experiences

MGen. Klaus-Peter TRECHE, Ret., DEA

10:35  Discussion

11:30  Workshop Closing


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