Karlheinz Johannes Biersack


Mr. Karlheinz Johannes Biersack

Future Forces Forum Logistics Capability Conference (LCC) 2018 Future Forces Exhibition 2018

Director Sales Eastern Europe / RUS / GUS
Dallmeier electronic GmbH & Co.KG


Video observation for huge territories  a big challenge for the security industry!

There are many applications where huge territories must be observed, for example huge parking places, factory territories, Airports, Militray premisses, huge public squares in Cities, etc.

 I will show and explain the enginering example for a standard video observation solution based on single sensor cameras for a permieter protection and for area observation.

*Show the engineering based on single sensor cameras

 I will show and explain the engineering example for the same project but based on the Multifocal Multisensor System „Panomera“ from Dallmeier for perimeter protection and area observation.

*Show the engineering based on Panomera.

 Explain the advantages of the Panomera technology:

-Detailed 3D-engineering  - the customer see what he gets and what he will see, prior to an order

-Less cameras

-Less installation positions

-Less infrastructre costs for poles, concrete foundations for poles, cable trences, network ports, power supplies, transmissiopn equipmenet, etc.ztsswitch pots, therefore less installation costs

-More efficient operation of the solution, no switch over between many cameras, therefore less human ressources for the operation required

-Less maintenecae costs

-Less total cost of ownership for 5  year period

 To underline the advantages I will show and explain additional presentations, engineering and videos from real projects:

*Show Panomera effect  based on the forecourt oft eh Railway station in Regensburg

*Show perimeter protection engineering (perimeter one)

*Show video from the project Airport Frankfurt perimeter observation

*Show the 3D-engineering, the presentation and videos from the project Cologne City surveillance  with the comparisson of Panomera technology, PTZ dome cameras and 4K-single sensor cameras.

 Videoanalytic becomes more and more important to the customers

In order that video analytic can really properly work, high resolution, proper illumination and good picture quality is required. In future more and more artificial intelligenece based on neuronal networks  or deep-learning analytic servers will be used to optimize the analytic results.

 *Show Object Classification at the forecourt of the Railway station in Regensburg

*Show Face Recognition presentation for Cologne City

*Show Object Classification and Object Tracking at the parking place Bahnhofstrasse Regensburg.

Curriculum Vitae

1979 – 1983 Job education at SIEMENS AG, Regensburg, Germany, educated as electronic technician for installation and commissioning of power switching equipment

1985 – 1987 Additional parallel job education at SIEMENS AG, Munich, Germany, educated to become a specialist in SIEMENS security and communication systems

1985 – 1991 Siemens AG, Munich, Germany, working as specialist for security systems and as project manager on various huge SIEMENS projects around the World.

1991 – 1996 Sirte Oil Company, Marsa el Brega, Lybia, working as Consultant for security systems for the oil refinery and oil drilling sites

1996 – 1999 Gatex GmbH, working sales manager

2000 – until present, Dallmeier electronic, Director Sales Eastern Europe / RUS / GUS

Since 2009 Head of the Dallmeier representative office in Russia.

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