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Avi Raz


Mr. Avi Raz MBA

Future Forces Forum

Military Solutions Marketing
URDAN Metal & Casting Ind.


Logistics at Tank‘s Speed

Modern tanks are taking the action farther and faster to terrains not accessible before, thus necessitating new ways of bringing supplies to the fighting forces at the front as they progress, and without risking operation, human lives and vehicles.

Urdans’ BackTrail is a direct response to this challenge, providing the forces with continuous supply without hindering their ability to maneuver in all directions and switch positions quickly and effectively.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is in the process of receiving delivery of the BackTrail logistics trailers that can be towed by its tanks, armored personnel carriers (APCs) and armored engineering vehicles. BackTrails are used alongside tanks and heavy APC’s to extend their operation time, distance and performance. According to army calculations, one BackTrail can extend a company's operation time by 50%!

BackTrail enables the continuous supply of fuel, food, water, weapons and ammunition. It has a net cargo area of 4x2m and can carry up to 8 tons of useful payload.

The versatility offered by the BackTrail's unique design makes it the ideal solution for the modern battlefield.

Curriculum Vitae


BSc. Engineering – Technion Haifa, ISRAEL - 1972

MBA – Business Administration – Tel Aviv University - 1982


Professional Experience:

Israeli Air Force Helicopter Pilot: 1972 – 1978 (active duty)

Reserve operational pilot in combat squadron until 1990

Flight instructor at the IAF flight school until 2010

Development of night vision weapon systems for Elbit Systems from 1988 until 2010

Military Solutions Marketing for URDAN from 2010 to date.

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