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Jiří Gajdoš

NATO CBRN, Medical & Rescue Service Czech Republic

COL (GS) Jiří Gajdoš

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Curriculum Vitae

BIOGRAPHY: Colonel Jiri Gajdos was appointed as the JCBRN Defence COE Director on 1 August 2012. Marital status: married; Wife: Jana Gajdosova; Nationality: Czech; Date of birth: 10th October 1962; Place of birth: Cesky Tesin Education: 1982 graduation from the Military High School - Chemical Technology in Valasske Mezirici 1984 – 1988 Military Academy of Ground Forces - Military Chemistry in Vyskov 1997 –1998 Superior Academic Course of Management of Defence, Military Chemistry at the Military Academy in Brno (10 months) National Defence University (Industrial College of the Armed Forces) in Washington D. C., USA (1 year) Posts: 1982 – 1984 Administrator of the Warning and Reporting Center of WMD of Ministry of Defence in Hostivice-Břve 1988 – 1989 Commander of the NBC Company, Chief of CBRN Defence Support of the 1st Tank Regiment in Strašice 1989 – 1994 Chief of CBRN Defence Support of the 1st Tank Regiment 19th Motorized Rifle Division 1994 – 1997 Chief of Logistic Support, Deputy commander of the Logistic Department of the 1st NBC Brigade in Liberec 1997 – 1998 Commander of the Logistic Department of the 1st NBC Brigade in Liberec 1998 – 2003 Commander of the 9th NBC Company, Allied Mobile Force (Land) of the 1st NBC Brigade in Liberec 2002 Commander of the 1st Czech and Slovak CBRN Defence Battalion in Kuwait, mission Enduring Freedom 2003 Commander of the 51th Training Base of Chemical Corps promoted to the rank of colonel 2003 – 2005 Commander of the 31st NBC Brigade in Liberec 2005 – 2007 Commander of the 31st CBRN Defense Brigade in Liberec 2007 - 2008 Head of CBRN Defence of the Czech Armed Forces 2009 - 2012 NATO IMS P&P Nuclear and CBRN Defence Policy Branch, action officer Missions: October 1999 – April 2000 SFOR II Kosovo Commander of the 1st Mechanized Company, SFOR Kosovo March – September 2002 Commander of the 9th NBC company, Deputy Commander of the Czech Army Contingent, ENDURING FREEDOM Kuwait February – May 2003 Commander of Czech-Slovak CBRN Defence Battalion, ENDURING FREEDOM, Kuwait, Iraq Honours: Cross for Merit 2nd and 3rd class of Ministry of Defence Medal of Czech Army 3rd class Medal of NATO for serving for peace and freedom Memorial badges for serving in SFOR mission and for serving in Enduring Freedom mission The Army Commendation Medal, Texas National Guard The Outstanding Service Medal of the State of Texas

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